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About Future Focused Solutions

Andrew Minck has been a nonprofit leader since 2011. He has worked as leader of local Minnesota based nonprofits with small budgets to working for national nonprofits leading through large organizational change. He believes in a relationship based approach to supporting nonprofits.

With over 6 years of nonprofit experience, Bethany has dedicated her career to breaking down barriers for the state’s most underserved communities.

Darrin will be assisting in project management and administrative duties.


Our Approach - Why We Are Different

Future Focused Solutions comes from the approach that we have been in your shoes making strategic decisions on behalf of organizations missions and visions. The reality is we all need to ensure our financial resources are in strong position to carry out our missions even though we don’t always have the resources to bring financial services in house.

Relationships Matter

We understand our interpersonal touch to nonprofit financial services can go a long way.


Quality work product.

2st Century Tools

We use 21st century tools (yes we have new tools even in financial services) and ensure we don’t use antiquated practices.


Learning is the name of our game.

Open Source

All our tools, data, and thought processes are shared with you real time.

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